Odin MFG



Patrick was tasked with creating promotion material for this new motorcycle brand from Calgary, AB. Here are a selection of the videos created to help the brand grow into their identity and connect with customers from around the globe.



More Wheelies. Everyone is impressed by a stunt rider using a Harley to do the same tricks that are seemingly easy on a dirt bike.


heavy hitters

Odin started off with t-shirts and gloves. This piece shows off the features of their newest gloves as well as the originals they made first.


relaxing at home

After a day of riding it’s nice to come home and kick back with your friends while enjoying things responsibly.


the standard issue

Odin and Eville Empire collaborated on a brand new vest design. Working together from the ground up to provide a product that keeps riders in mind.



The Odin boys wouldn’t be here without the support of their friends and family. Take a look through the day in the life hanging out and having fun while riding motorcycles.


skate or die

Skateboarding found its way to Motorcycle culture. Its not hard to see how the two are so linked. The odin boys grew up around skateboarding and snowboarding their whole lives and this video pays homage to the intersecting of these two counter cultures together.


the originals

Odin has become known for their attention to detail and innovation of rider focused products. This video simply puts that innovation on display.