I grew up watching movies

Being an only child in a not so small town I would watch movies constantly. Every weekend I would rent at least 10 films from the local video store “videoflicks”. That’s where my fascination with visuals started. I got my first camera from a happy meal (it was a kodak 110 camera colored lime green) and many more from that point on. I shot our family trip to England on a canon point and shoot in the late 90s then graduated to a canon ae-1 in high school. Photos fell to the wayside for a while due to skateboarding and punk rock but once I was 16 and spent all my time watching music videos and skate films I wanted a video camera. In college my trusty miniDV never left my side. I would shoot friends in bands and piece together little videos for them. From that point I never stopped shooting. Here is a collection of motion projects I have been a part of.




i believe vfx found me not the other way around

I started working at Crush as a tape op. After two years of patching, making dubs and emailing quicktimes I found myself being groomed to learn the Flame. Starting with rotoscopes and keys I was on my way to becoming a Visual FX artist. I spent the next 8 years learning and honing my craft based on bending reality. “You’d never guess what was changed in this shot” Although its easiest to explain to people that you do “green screen stuff” or created that explosion that never happened but mostly in commercials a VFX artist does really great subtle work to help directors ideas come to life. This reel is a combination of “green screen stuff” and the subtle changes that happen everyday on commercials that you never realized unless you saw the before and after.